Meet Isabel Jofré

isabelIsabel Jofré works as a project engineer in Jenike & Johanson’s Chile office. She studied mechanical engineering at Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María. From 2003 to 2009, she worked as a consultant for a company that designed organizational development and strategic planning projects, focusing on education and training in technical and management areas.

Since joining Jenike & Johanson (J&J) in 2010, Isabel has gained a multitude of experience through the work she has engaged in with our team. Lately, she has been using Discrete Element Modeling (DEM) to help customers solve chute problems. She has also participated in designing several stockpiles, bins and hoppers – many of them for the copper and iron ores involved in several mining projects in Chile, Brazil, Peru, and Colombia. For J&J, Isabel has traveled to some of the largest mining operations in South America, including the world’s largest iron ore mine, Vale’s Carajás. She has also visited our Massachusetts office while attending our global engineers meeting in Boston.

“I was very interested in bulk solids handling, especially in pneumatic conveying since I studied the subject at my university,” she says. “It is very rewarding that we can prevent mistakes or solve problems that would have, or have had, serious economic or safety consequences, and that our work greatly benefits our customers.

“Bulk solids handling is a broad field; therefore, no project is like another. This makes it very dynamic, providing a good combination of desk work, site visits, and laboratory experiments.”