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Biomass International 2019

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Pairing Well Engineered Feedstock Handling Systems and Innovative Downstream Conversion Approaches to Broaden the Spectrum of Useable Renewable Fuel Inputs

Jayant Khembekar
The commercialization of renewable fuel production has been a runaway success story. In the United States alone installed capacity is quickly approaching 20 billion gallons. Still, the vast majority of these gallons are produced from grain inputs. To achieve the visions staked out in the federal policy that gave rise to these first-generation facilities, production approaches that can wring biofuels from new fuel inputs must be perfected. This panel will feature presentations that look at the interplay between feedstock and conversion approach, offering attendees a look at the state of commercialization progress in next generation fuels.

Deploying Pragmatic Material Handling and Process Design Approaches to Reduce Common Plant Start-up Challenges

Carrie Hartford
Unfortunately, stories of first-of-their kind next generation biofuels production facilities struggling to get up, running and achieve planned production volumes are all too common. In some cases, millions of dollars in equipment and construction costs become stranded as facilities fail to make the jump from pilot scale to commercial scale production. The silver lining here is the work this unfortunate situation has catalyzed around more rigorous pilot scale testing featured in this informative panel.

March 18, 2019 | 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Savannah, GA United States
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