A message from our CEO, Herman Purutyan

A half a century ago, Andrew Jenike was driven to make a real difference in the field of engineering.  He identified solids handling as an area in need of a scientific design methodology.  After developing testing techniques and a theory which allowed engineers to design handling equipment to provide reliable solids flow, he formed Jenike & Johanson with his student Jerry Johanson.  Jenike’s desire to make a real contribution is still what drives us today to help our clients achieve reliable, efficient, and safe bulk solids handling.  There is no reason to accept that solids handling processes will be prone to problems.

We at Jenike and Johanson have the technical know-how and unparalleled experience to avoid costly startup delays and ongoing material handling problems in, whether at a startup developing alternative energy solutions, or a multi-national conglomerate.  We bring this same expertise to solve problems in existing systems, without resorting to trial-and-error or rule of thumb approaches.  Our staff consists of engineers with over 650 man-years of solids handling experience gained from working on 7,500 projects and more than 10,000 different bulk materials.

We believe problem free solids handling, whether at a pharmaceutical plant making tablets, at a mine loading railcars, or at a food plant producing candy, is not only possible, but also an absolute necessity in this increasingly competitive global economy.  We take pride in helping our clients avoid or eliminate costly solids handling problems.

I invite you to find out more about our company, our capabilities and the services we offer, in our web pages.  You can also call any one of our four offices and speak directly with one of our experienced engineers regarding a particular project.  We are passionate about solids handling and processing, which is our only focus at Jenike & Johanson.  We look forward to helping you achieve problem-free bulk solids handling.

If you have any questions or comments about Jenike & Johanson, please feel free to contact me at CEO12@jenike.com or at 978-649-3300.