Shawn Behrens

Eric Maynard was a FANTASTIC presenter!! An amazing communicator who kept the class interesting and light while still giving us the ”meat and potatoes” of bulk material handling. Eric has a very high energy and great sense of humor, and involved the class in a way that was not intimidating. I expected a 3-day course crammed into 10 hours to be overwhelming but it was very manageable, comprehensible and never boring. Even our 82-year old Engineer Emeritus who has been handling bulk materials for over half a century remarked at how interesting the class was and how well Eric presented J&J’s course. We already recommended the course to clients in nearby MA while visiting their plant the next day, and will continue to do so with other clients across the country. After the class, Eric took a good deal of time to sit with our group of 6 and discuss how J&J could help us serve our clients via troubleshooting, solution recommendations and customized educational sessions. Bravo! Great Job!!