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Components in Storage Structure for Bulk Solids – Hopper Attachment in Bins and Silos (Part 3)

Co-Author: Jesús Chávez Sagarnaga My definition of “hopper” is a sloped wall converging structure suspended along its top edge from the vertical wall portion of the bin or silo. Hoppers can be conical, wedge, pyramidal or a combination of these shapes. … Continue reading

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Feasibility Study Assistance

Pre-feasibility study, feasibility study, front-end-loading (FEL 1 and 2), whatever you might call the upfront work in deciding whether or not a bulk solids handling project should go through, we can help. A feasibility study is the analysis of how … Continue reading

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Silo inspection: Be proactive not reactive

Changing the oil in my car may be the least favorite chore that I have to do on a regular basis. Taking 30 minutes to sit in a garage while the oil is drained and replaced is a huge hassle, … Continue reading

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Pneumatic Flow Aids

In my last post, I presented you with some basic information on mechanical flow aids along with recommendations on when and where they should be used. As the third entry in my series, this post will discuss the capabilities and limitations … Continue reading

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I’ve had my material tested… now what?

Have you ever wondered how the data from your material testing report is being used? Take a few minutes and find out how the design of your hopper is informed by the testing of your materials in our labs!

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Why does my coal feeder need a standpipe?

Standpipes are included as a feature in most power plant solid fuel feed systems, and yet their function is often not well understood. We have encountered many situations where the original design basis was sufficient, but a change in fuel … Continue reading

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My Kingdom for Some Bin Headroom!

  The cost of poor planning is always a bitter pill. It is never cheaper and it is always more painful to build something poorly and then correct it later. Let alone the cost of living with the problems in … Continue reading

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Jenike & Johanson’s New Houston Office – It Couldn’t Have Come at a Better Time!

I was living in the North East for the past 13 years.  This summer when I moved to Houston to start Jenike & Johanson’s new office, many people jokingly said, “You chose the best time for your move!”  For those … Continue reading

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