Past Newsletters

  • Q1/2012:

    CEO’s Message; Excitement in Australia; Meet Carrie Hartford & Corin Holmes; Distributor Increases Bin Capacity; Expertise Helps to Settle Law Suit Quickly; News

  • Summer 2011:

    Solving Costly Limestone Problems at Titan Cement; Belt-to-Belt Transfer Chutes; J&J Helping Develop Future Engineers; Meet Manuel Diaz G.

  • Winter 2011:

    Research Extends Understanding Of Loads Exerted On Belt Feeders; Working with Slurries?; Meet LeRoy Baldwin & Jayant Khambekar; Congratulations to Dr. John Carson; Industry Calendar

  • Summer 2010:

    Stability of Vessels Laden with Fine, Dry Powders; Peer Review; Meet Greg Mehos; Belt Feeders in Chilean Mining Applications; Industry Calendar

  • Winter 2010: Food Newsletter:

    Why Your Ingredients May Not Flow Like They Should; Sugar Prices at 29-Year High; Food Safety is a Serious Matter; Nanoscience and Microparticles: Small Particles Can Lead to Large Problems

  • Fall 2009:

    OEMs Improve Vehicle Fuel Efficiency; Herman Purutyan Named CEO; 2009 Industry Awareness Survey Results; Heating & Drying of Bio-feedstocks; Importance of Representative Material Testing

  • Spring 2009: Food E-Newsletter:

    Are You Concerned About Product Degradation?; Do You Have a Blending or Segregation Problem?; Upcoming Course Offerings; Recent Food Publications; Jenike & Johanson Background

  • Spring 2009:

    Glensanda: A World Class Coastal Super Quarry; Meet David Stuart Dick, Senior Consultant; Modeling Cutting-Edge Solids Handling Processes

  • Winter 2008:

    P.J. Noyes Co.: A Long History from Heroin to Space Monkeys to Fish Food to High; Quality Pharmaceutical and Nutritional Products; Meet Tracy Holmes, Senior Project Engineer; Andrew Jenike – Man of the Century

  • Winter 2006:

    Solving Large Scale Iron Ore Handling Problems; Meet Alfredo del Campo, General Manager J&J Chile; Startup and Operating Problems and Solutions; Question and Answer: Can J&J effectively provide solutions to industries so varied as mining and pharmaceuticals?

  • Fall 2005:

    Canadian Oil Mining Provides a World-Class Bulk Solids Handling Challenge; Meet Jesus Chavez, Project Engineer, Structural Group; John Carson Recognized with Solids Handling Award; J&J Builds New Headquarters

  • Spring 2005:

    Solids Handling Issues in Thermal Drying; Meet Tom Baxter, Senior Project Engineer; Beyond Functional Design Engineering; Question and Answer: How do I Properly Size a Grizzly?

  • Fall 2004:

    Easy Handling of Fine Limestone at Relatively High Rates; Meet Scott Clement, Senior Project Engineer; J&J Expands Lab Capabilities with New Equipment; Question and Answer: Are the Design Parameters Provided by J&J Different than Indices?

  • Spring 2004:

    Engineered Solution for Cement Plant Coal Delivery Problem; New ASTM Standards for Segregation Testing; Meet Eric Maynard, Project Engineer; A System Assessment Can Improve Your Competitive Edge; Question and Answer: How can I prevent segregation of my pharmaceutical mix?

  • Fall 2003:

    New European Standard on Silo Loads Nearing Completion; New ASTM Standards for Segregation Testing; Meet Mike Rulff, Senior Project Engineer; Dr. Andrew Jenike, 1914-2003; Question and Answer: How often should I inspect my silo, and what should I look for?

  • Spring 2003:

    Meeting the Challenges of Unusual Materials: The Light Stuff; Quantify Segregation Potential with Two New Testers; Meet Brian Pittenger, Senior Consultant; Question and Answer: Who do you recommend to provide the services described in your courses?

  • Fall 2002:

    Proper Chute Design is Often Overlooked as Unimportant; New Shear Tester and Improved Testing Capabilities; Meet Eric Bengtson, Laboratory Manager / Project Engineer; Question and Answer: What criteria should I consider in selecting a bulk solids handling consultant?

  • Spring 2002:

    Hot Lime Feed System Problems Solved at Paper Mill; NFPA Standards Reduce Solid Fuel Fire Hazards with Bunker Design Requirements; Meet Rod Hossfeld, Sr. Project Engineer; Question and Answer: Is a polished hopper wall surface really needed?

  • Fall 2001:

    Silo Failures: Why Do They Happen?; Ore Pass Design; Meet David Goodwill, President Jenike & Johanson, Ltd.; Question and Answer: Limiting discharge rate problem

  • Spring 2001:

    Case Study: Flash Furnace Redesign at BHP Copper; Patents Awarded for Converging/Diverging Bin and Removable BINSERT®; Meet Roger Barnum, Project Engineer; Question and Answer: Which flow properties tester will meet my needs?

  • Fall 2000:

    Case Study: Glass Quality Improved with Reduced Segregation; Handling Bulk Solids in a Fluidized Condition (Part 2); Meet James Prescott, Sr. Project Engineer; Question and Answer: Silo buckling concerns

  • Spring 2000:

    Case Study: Engineering Solutions for FMC Wyoming Improve Quality and Reliability in; Handling Trona Ore; Handling Bulk Solids in a Fluidized Condition (Part 2); Project at Dow Chemical Receives Award; Meet Herman Purutyan, Sr. Project Engineer; Question and Answer: What is a mass flow feeder?

  • Fall 1999:

    Using Silos as Processing Vessels, with BP Amoco case study; Jenike-Schulze Ring Shear Tester; Meet Randall St. Pierre, Sr. Laboratory Technician; Question and Answer: Silo loading

  • Spring 1999:

    Case In Point: Improving Product Quality by Reducing Segregation in a Pharmaceutical Application; PharmaSok Filling System Eliminates Dusting; Meet Tom Troxel, Vice President; Question and Answer: Mass flow hopper angles

  • Fall 1998:

    Case in Point: Achieving High Flow Rates Plus High Density with Kaolin Clay; Meet Greg Petro, Sr. Structural / Project Engineer; Question and Answer: Flowability and angle of repose