Bulk Solids Quarterly – November 2014

CEO Message

HeadlineWhat do stuffing mix, copper, and medicine that cures us have in common? The theoretical and practical understanding of solids flow pioneered by Andrew Jenike has been successfully applied to enhance quality and effectiveness of each of these products and the efficiency of the processes producing them. This year we are celebrating the 100th anniversary of Andrew Jenike’s birthday, a brilliant engineer whose work changed the way handling equipment is designed around the world. Today, Jenike & Johanson, the company he founded, has been serving clients in practically every industry, in every corner of the world.

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Our First Portuguese Webinar

cluster-material-hires-smallJenike & Johanson Brazil will be conducting a webinar entitled Fundamentals of Bulk Material Handling from their office outside of São Paulo. The webinar will be conducted in Portuguese with an introduction in English from the CEO, of Jenike and Johanson, Herman Purutyan. The webinar will take place on November 18 at 10 AM BRST. This webinar will focus on why powders and bulk solids don’t flow effectively in bins, hoppers, and silos. The two types of flow patterns in storage equipment will be discussed, along with their impacts on flow reliability.

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Preventing Stuffing Mix Segregation

NonUniform-stuffing_segregationMost industries view segregation as a major problem. Particle segregation is prevalent in industries that handle free-flowing bulk solids containing a wide particle size distribution. Kraft Foods (KF) produces Stove Top® Stuffing Mix. To meet increased consumer demand, KF installed a new handling system. During the start-up process, unacceptable variations in the particle size distribution of the bread crumbs occurred. It was imperative that the problem be quickly resolved, so that the high cost associated with unnecessary down time and wasted product could be minimized.

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Behind the Scenes

Meet Jignesh Patel and Richard Winkelpeck

Jignesh             Wink

Jignesh Patel works as a project engineer in Jenike & Johanson’s Tyngsboro, Massachusetts office. His field of expertise includes detailed structural engineering for storage, feeding, transfer, and conveying systems.

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Richard Winkelpeck is a lab technician in the San Luis Obispo, California office. His primary responsibility is fabricating equipment and modeling.

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Blog Post

Evolution in the Design of Bulk Solid Handling Systems in Mining in the Last Two Decades – by Alfredo del Campo

Last month we celebrated the 20th anniversary of Jenike & Johanson’s office in Chile (JJC). This landmark made me think about the huge change that most mining and engineering companies in Latin America have experienced in this period on the subject of bulk solid handling. When we started JJC back in 1994, the designs of most stockpiles, silos and chutes were “adapted” from previous projects, using rules of thumb and/or “magic” angles, without paying much attention to the properties of the solids to be handled.

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Recent Publications

Pharmaceutical Processing Magazine – Feed Considerations for Continuous Dryers

Drying is one of the most energy-intensive steps in a pharmaceutical process, as latent heat is required to remove a liquid component from a solid. To improve energy efficiency as well as productivity, continuous designs are often preferred over batch schemes. The equipment required is small relative to the amount of material dried, the operation is readily integrated with upstream and downstream continuous processes, and the product discharged from a continuous dryer has a more uniform moisture content.

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Events Calendar

November 18, 2014 Webinar (in Portuguese)
Fundamentals of Bulk Material Handling

December 9 to 10, 2014 Orlando, Florida
Flow of Solids in Bins, Hoppers, Chutes, and Feeders

December 11, 2014 Orlando, Florida
Pneumatic Conveying of Bulk Solids

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