Powder Flow Basics

2014-05-12 | - | São Paulo, Brazil

Showcase for the industry, FCE Pharma is the leading business platform that brings together industry trends, news and discussions providing the ideal space for relationship, exchange of experiences and business generation. Title: Powder Flow Basics Presenters: Jim Prescott and Rogerio Ruiz, Jenike & Johanson Outline: Andrew Jenike developed the theory of solids flow and published the results of his research in 1968. This same theory, with half century of evolution, has been successfully used for evaluating and selecting powder and blend handling equipment, helping manufacturers worldwide to meet the most stringent regulation of the pharmaceutical industry. This session will cover:
  • Flow problems in solid dosage manufacturing and how this affects quality and efficiency.
  • Powder flow patterns
  • Powder flow properties and equipment used to measure them (flow testers)
  • How to evaluate and select bins, totes, and hoppers in pharmaceutical operations for reliable flow.

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