Maintaining Blend and Content Uniformity in Pharmaceutical Processes

2014-05-13 | - | São Paulo, Brazil

Title: Maintaining Blend and Content Uniformity in Pharmaceutical Processes: Addressing Segregation of Blends From the Blender Through Tableting Outline: Uniformity of dosage units is critical to meeting quality requirements, for development through routine manufacturing.  We present  a systematic approach to investigate and identify problems to maintain content uniformity due to segregation mechanism typical of solids flow behavior. During the presentation, we will discuss:
  • Segregation mechanisms
  • Segregation testers
  • Equipment design to maintain and improve uniformity
  • How to sample and measure uniformity
Presenters: Jim Prescott and Rogerio Ruiz, Jenike & Johanson Showcase for the industry, FCE Pharma is the leading business platform that brings together industry trends, news and discussions providing the ideal space for relationship, exchange of experiences and business generation.

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