Glassman Conference 2013-Bin Retrofit Case Study

2013-09-11 | 3:20 PM - 3:40 PM | Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

An Opportunity for Improvement: Bin Retrofit at Verallia Milford

Presented by Roger Barnum, Senior Consultant, Jenike & Johanson

Verallia’s glass container plant in Milford, Massachusetts, USA produces amber bottles in two furnaces. Furnace 15 was due for a rebuild in 2010 and flow problems with the two batch bins were an ongoing concern. In addition, the new furnace design included a change from side port to end port feeding. However, to minimize the impact on the existing plant structure and equipment, the bins could not be moved. As a result, the modified feed system had to address the combined challenges of poor bin flow and added conveying length. Jenike & Johanson was asked to analyze the situation and make recommendations. Implementation of wear resistant materials resulted in a more reliable feed system, as well as an opportunity for the future use of batch preheating due to the open design of the system. Dr. Roger Barnum of Jenike & Johanson will present the results in a case study at the 2013 Glassman Conference.

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