How to solve caking in your product.

Caking occurs in many product materials when being stored or transported. For instance, do any of these quotes sound familiar?

“Some packages that leave the plant are full of crumbs. They need to be re-ground at customer site, and we need to pay for this.”

“Some bulk bags are caked so hard that we cannot not unload the material from the bags; we have to break them up by ramming them against a wall.”

During this webinar we will describe common caking mechanisms, and will discuss possible engineering solutions for preventing caking during transportation and storage.

What the attendees will learn:
Possible solutions to caking problems while product stored at production facility or customers’ warehouse, and or during transit to customer sites

Who should attend:
Design, project, production, and research engineers, as well as any company personnel who are responsible for the quality of company products.

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