How to Properly integrate your feeder design to your hopper design to ensure reliable discharge and flow rate (Webinar)

Presented by: Eric Maynard

The design of a feeder requires attention to both mechanical and functional needs. Though sizing a gearbox to a motor is typically straight-forward, deciding upon the use of a belt, screw, or rotary valve feeder can be a bit more tricky and subject to experience, especially with tough to handle bulk solids. So, what do you do if you don’t have the experience? This webinar will help the attendee to understand the general selection process for choosing an appropriate feeder, and then key feeder design features will be reviewed to ensure problems such as bridging, ratholing, flooding, or segregation do not occur with the hopper/feeder system.

This topic is important to industry because attention is made to the design of a hopper, but often the feeder design is overlooked.