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Interaction Effects Between Silos and Supporting Structures

As one of the most remarkable structures from medieval era, Leaning Tower of Pisa is worldwide known not only as a symbol of national monument but also as a pleasant engineering mistake. The tower has leaned from the start because … Continue reading

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Site Visits

One of the things that I enjoy about my job as a project engineer at Jenike & Johanson is that I get to travel to many places.  I have visited 40 states and 19 countries.  Sadly, my luggage has gone … Continue reading

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Breaking down attrition

Sometimes attrition, the breaking down of particles, can be a really good thing – like when I wake up in the morning to the sound of coffee beans grinding just waiting for me to make a perfect cup of coffee. … Continue reading

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Moving Bed Catalytic Reactors

Fixed bed catalytic reactors, in which a gaseous reactant stream passes through a catalyst bed, is frequently used for synthesis, combustion, and effluent treatment. Radial flow reactors are preferred when a low pressure drop is desirable. Fixed bed reactors can … Continue reading

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Jenike & Johanson helps students at AIChE Conference

Compared to liquids and gases, chemical engineers’ education in bulk solids is relatively limited.  Perhaps that’s why whenever I visit a chemical plant, I can easily identify which lines or equipment handle bulk solids – they are the ones with … Continue reading

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If you can’t grow it, you gotta dig it up-and then handle it!

Take a few moments to look around you and subtract all the objects and energy sources that aren’t grown and you soon get an impression of what life would be like without mining (you should be seeing something resembling Gilligan’s … Continue reading

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フローエイド支援 vs. 重力のみのフロー

江崎マーティン バルク固体取り扱い(ハンドリング)システムやサイロやホッパーなどにおいて、アーチン グやラットホールなどの閉塞問題を回避するためにフローエイド(流動補助装置)を装着す ることは一般的です。 また、フローエイドの装置は、実際に貯蔵システムが設計・設置・運用が開始された後に、 追加されることもしばしばあります。このような設置追加は、明らかに初期設計時に、フロ ーエイドが想定されていなかったり、また、装置が必須となることを予想できなかったこと を物語っています。

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Center Stage at the Powder Show

If you didn’t make it to the 2016 Powder Show you can catch up with our presentation at the center stage.

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What’s the difference between your problematic bulk solids feeder and Michael Corleone?

Many of you may recall hearing Al Pacino’s Michael Corleone of the legendary Godfather series say, “Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in…” We engineers at J&J can almost hear some of the problematic bulk … Continue reading

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Can a tank designed to store a liquid be used to store a bulk solid?

Clients sometimes ask me if a storage tank that was designed – and often being used – for storing a liquid can be converted to store a bulk solid. Basically they are asking, “Will the material-induced loads exerted by my … Continue reading

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