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Product Quality Improved by Reducing Segregation

Particle segregation or demixing is a major concern, especially in the pharmaceutical industry, where only very slight variations in the concentration of active drug are permitted.  Drugs that are produced in solid dosage form (i.e., tablets and capsules), contain many … Continue reading

Minimizing Direct Compression Content Uniformity Variations

A domestic pharmaceutical manufacturer was producing a highly segregating direct-compression blend of an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) and excipients like sucrose, lactose, and microcrystalline cellulose.  After blending, the material discharged from a twin-shell mixer and experienced heavy  during flow into … Continue reading


The pharmaceutical industry is driven by two key strategies, namely reducing costs or incorporating new technologies (e.g., Process Analytical Technology – PAT – or new drug delivery systems). Reducing costs may require use of new raw material suppliers, which could … Continue reading