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Transfer Chute Plugging with Sticky Limestone/Clay Mix

A major cement manufacturer in South America was experiencing transfer chute plugging with a highly cohesive limestone and clay mixture.  During rainy periods, the chute would plug every few hours, requiring operators to manually dig-out the contents in the chute … Continue reading

Fluidization Needed to Achieve Reliable Fine Powder Flow

Manufacturers of asphalt roofing shingles often use fine, hot limestone as filler with liquid asphalt.  In order to maintain uniform mix viscosity and temperature, flow of limestone into the batch mixer must be controlled and reliable. One manufacturer tried various … Continue reading

Mining & Minerals

Worldwide consumption of steel, aluminum, and electronics has significantly increased the mining demand for precious metals, base metals, and mineral commodities. With increased demand comes the need for reliable material handling in the Mining and Minerals industries.  Whether it is … Continue reading