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Concentrate Bins Prevent Flow Problems at Chino Mines

Part of a modernization project for Chino Mines Company involved new bins for copper concentrate, flux, and slag.  Stearns Catalytic Corp., the engineering/construction contractor for the project, asked Jenike & Johanson to evaluate the design of the bins and feeding … Continue reading

Feeder System Redesign for Flash Furnace at BHP Copper

Demands for increased production from existing flash smelting furnaces have led to increased concentrate burner feed rates and the use of more finely ground concentrates.  Unfortunately, feeding finer materials at higher rates increases the likelihood of erratic flow or even … Continue reading

Powdered Metals

The P/M industry (Powdered Metals / Cermets / Intermetallics) is diverse and includes applications for automotive, aerospace, medical/dental, electronics, defense, hardware, and appliances. The vision of this industry is to continuously seek out new materials, and innovative techniques to manipulate … Continue reading