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Solving Transfer Chute Plugging at Power Plant

A leading power generation company operating a 600 MW coal-fired power plant recently started using coal that contained more moisture and fines than what the plant was originally designed to handle.   The plant had a system of belt conveyors that … Continue reading

Mt. Storm Station (Dominion) Coal Handling Problems Solved

Dominion’s Mt. Storm ( Dominion ) Power Station in West Virginia has three coal-fired units and a gross generating capacity of about 1680 MW.  Like many other power plants built before 1980s, Mt. Storm Power Station was constructed using bunkers … Continue reading

Preventing Bunker Fires at Wisconsin Service Pulliam Station

Wisconsin Public Service’s Pulliam Station has six active units totaling 375 MW capacity.  The original plant was built in 1926.  Back then, as a result of wide availability of coarse, low moisture, bituminous coal, limited consideration was given to coal … Continue reading

Coal Handling Problems Solved at Northern States Power

Northern States Power (NSP) has a 384 megawatt coal-fired power plant in Minneapolis, Minnesota with coal bunkers built more than 30 years ago.  Little consideration was given during the design stage to the flow properties of the coal.  As a … Continue reading

Coal Feeding: Pressure-Sealing Solids Pump® Improves Feed

At Lone Star Industries’ Cape Girardeau, Missouri cement plant, reliable coal feed to the kiln is crucial for keeping the entire clinker production process on-line.  When their coal supply was interrupted, plant personnel had only 15 minutes to restore feed … Continue reading

Energy & Power

The Energy and Power industries have undergone major changes as a result of economic, environmental, and regulatory requirements. Key changes include co-firing biomass with coal, installing air pollution control (APC) and flue gas desulfurization (FGD) systems, or switching to low-sulfur … Continue reading