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Join us at the 2015 AIChE annual meeting!

   John Carson and Thomas Baxter all will be attending the annual AIChE meeting in Salt Lake City Utah next week. Our team will be presenting: Powder Characterization and Trouble-Shooting Methods for Successful Process-Scale up Manufacturing oral solid dosages involves several key powder handling steps, including blending, transfer, storage, … Continue reading

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Visit us at the Orlando AAPS conference

Are you going to the Orlando AAPS conference Oct 25 through 29th? We’ll be presenting in exhibit hall WA3 from 1:30pm to 5:00pm on October 28th. Stop by and check out our posters on: Characterization Tests and Modeling to Address Tablet Compression Rate Concerns Addressing Segregation Concerns for a Tablet: Characterization Tests and Root Cause Analysis (Part 1) Addressing Segregation Concerns for a Chewable Tablet: Corrective Process and Equipment Modifications to Successfully Produce Registration Batches (Part 2) These three posters were authored with a client and utilized many of the cores services we provide, including evaluation of different formulations by conducting flow and segregation tests, assistance in scaling-up the process for commercial scale and providing recommendations for handling equipment to meet blend and content uniformity requirements.

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Why does my powder behave like a liquid? Does your process need bailing out?

Clients in industries ranging from cement to pharmaceuticals often ask us: why is my powder flowing like a liquid? This liquid like behavior can be observed in processes across a variety of industries, including: loading finished cement onto a barge; … Continue reading

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Are you ready for continuous manufacturing?

Although continuous manufacturing has been used in other industries for centuries to produce products ranging from glass bottles to breakfast cereals, it is still in its infancy in the pharmaceutical industry.  This situation has often prompted the question among pharmaceutical … Continue reading

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