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Top 5 Functions of a Furnace Feed Bin

Your furnace feed bin maybe one of the most overlooked pieces of equipment in your glass plant! The bin serves as the main entrance to the value-added portions of your process, and is vital for continuous production and plant operation. … Continue reading

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Our Massachusetts Lab is licensed for Schedule II through V controlled substances

We are excited to announce that Jenike & Johanson’s material testing lab in Massachusetts is now licensed to receive, store and test Schedule II through V controlled substances. Both the US Drug Enforcement Administration and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health have … Continue reading

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Why does my coal feeder need a standpipe?

Standpipes are included as a feature in most power plant solid fuel feed systems, and yet their function is often not well understood. We have encountered many situations where the original design basis was sufficient, but a change in fuel … Continue reading

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How Bulk Material Variations are a Drag on our Economy

  At J&J, we encounter many situations where bulk material processes operate at an “adequate level” only, leaving room for improvement with the final product. One such challenge has to do with segregation, or variations in the properties of the bulk … Continue reading

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What Makes for a Smart Material Handling Equipment Decision?

I am currently working for a variety of customers, and I have come to realize the experience we have can be very different, depending on the application.  Often we are asked to develop a solution to an on-going material handling … Continue reading

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