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Measuring caking by material unconfined yield strength

Caking is a natural phenomenon. It could happen to your powder product whether you want it or not. If the caking is a quality problem that is resulting in multiple complaints, here is how you can determine the caking behavior … Continue reading

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Temperature and the Caking of your Product

  Caking of powders or granular bulk solids is a very common problem with consequences that could be devastating for your business. In short, your customer will see your caked material as a poor-quality product, resulting in multiple complaints. We … Continue reading

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Using Moisture Sorption Isotherms: Bulk Solids Flowability

The flowability of a fine-grained bulk solid depends largely on the adhesive forces between individual particles [Dietmar Schulze: Powders and Bulk Solids Behavior]. These adhesive forces are due to van der Waals and electrostatic forces. In the presence of ambient … Continue reading

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Is Your Customer Complaining About Your Lumped Powder Product?

The good news is that you are not the only one suffering from lumped powder or caking problems.  The very bad news is that your product is now considered a bad quality product. Your customer will most probably find and … Continue reading

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