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Take two of these and you will feel better in the morning

Wouldn’t it be nice if successfully addressing powder handling challenges in the pharmaceutical industry were as easy as taking the oft-cited doctors’ advice of “take two of these and call me in the morning…” ? A little over a month … Continue reading

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I Can’t Get Away From Bulk Solids … or my Co-Workers … Even on the Weekend!

  They are everywhere. Or at least their footprints. I wake up Saturday morning looking at my alarm clock. The plastic case, the magnet in the speaker, the glass face – were all bulk solids once. The very fact that … Continue reading

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A Test to be Sure you can Pass a Test?

When you get your prescription filled, have you ever wondered how consistent one pharmaceutical tablet is from another? Most consumers in the US don’t give this a second thought, thankfully, due to the high quality standards that pharmaceutical companies have. … Continue reading

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Addressing a Uniformity Problem – What Matters?

Poor uniformity is often caused by poor blending or segregation between a blending step and the creation of the product, whether the product is still in bulk solid form such as a 50 pound bag or transformed to an end … Continue reading

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