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Training – you get the “bang for your buck”?!

Let me ask a simple question – can you recall the last time you received effective training that yielded an immediate payback/return-on-investment (ROI)? If you can recall this training event, can you think why it was effective and impactful?  What … Continue reading

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Now you see it… KABOOM!! – and then you don’t

Disclaimer: Do not try this experiment unless you are highly trained in dust explosions, flash fires, and combustible material handling and safety incident response. Only qualified and trained safety personnel should attempt any experiment involving combustible materials. Jenike & Johanson … Continue reading

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I’ve had my material tested… now what?

Have you ever wondered how the data from your material testing report is being used? Take a few minutes and find out how the design of your hopper is informed by the testing of your materials in our labs!

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Internal training at J&J – how we are creating “lean, mean, bulk solids engineering machines”

Jenike & Johanson strives to provide high quality customer service. A vital component in customer service is a focus on excellence. A lot goes into achieving “excellence” – critical items include: Our firm’s product is simply “our knowledge”. In other … Continue reading

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Tall and Slender vs. Short and Squat

  Have you ever wondered why silos are generally tall and slender while oil tanks are short and squat? Take a look at the two images below…compare the height-to-diameter ratios for the different vessels. So, why do you typically see … Continue reading

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Got training ?

How — web ?  conference ?  in-house ? I know, I know, you have likely heard this analogue as a rip-off from the famous “drink milk” marketing campaign [1] that started in the early 1990’s. Pretty effective though, right? So, … Continue reading

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US Cement Industry – Concrete Signs of Strength!

I have been in Washington, DC this week at the 56th IEEE-IAS PCA cement industry conference.  It has been a few years since I attended this conference.  Overall, the cement industry continues to recover from the 2008 US recession.  Over … Continue reading

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Ugly Hopper Contest — Your Vote is Needed !!

  Chances are high that if you are reading this blog, you have probably come across an “ugly hopper”.  Included in this blog post are some examples of “ugly hoppers” I have come across.  It has been said that “beauty … Continue reading

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Riddle me this… what does a hopper and lampshade have in common?

The answer to this riddle may not be obvious, but, it is quite simple…the hopper and lampshade have the same angle!  This is shown in the graphic. As with a lampshade (see “A”), a hopper must be made economically.  Consequently, … Continue reading

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Bulk Material Handling Seminars

  As I fly to Toronto, Canada this week to present seminars on bulk material handling through the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE), I can’t help but reflect on the many positive benefits received from continuing education. For the … Continue reading

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