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The case of the singing silo.

Barry had just started to work third shift at the plant a few weeks ago when he heard “it” the first time. Walking down the line because for some reason the conveyor wasn’t quite being filled quite enough; must be … Continue reading

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Oh no! Our product is not uniform – we have a segregation issues – what do we do now?

Segregation issues can be tricky. If you handle a bulk materials that have different physical and/or chemical properties such as, particle sizes, shapes, densities, or resiliency, then it is possible that the material will segregate during transport and storage. Segregation is defined as … Continue reading

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Visit us at the Orlando AAPS conference

Are you going to the Orlando AAPS conference Oct 25 through 29th? We’ll be presenting in exhibit hall WA3 from 1:30pm to 5:00pm on October 28th. Stop by and check out our posters on: Characterization Tests and Modeling to Address Tablet Compression Rate Concerns Addressing Segregation Concerns for a Tablet: Characterization Tests and Root Cause Analysis (Part 1) Addressing Segregation Concerns for a Chewable Tablet: Corrective Process and Equipment Modifications to Successfully Produce Registration Batches (Part 2) These three posters were authored with a client and utilized many of the cores services we provide, including evaluation of different formulations by conducting flow and segregation tests, assistance in scaling-up the process for commercial scale and providing recommendations for handling equipment to meet blend and content uniformity requirements.

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It is with great pleasure that I anounce that this year Jenike & Johanson Ltd. (JJL) Mississauga, Canada turned 40. Having personally witnessed 25 of those 40 years I am very proud when I look back at our accomplishments. JJL … Continue reading

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Now you see it… KABOOM!! – and then you don’t

Disclaimer: Do not try this experiment unless you are highly trained in dust explosions, flash fires, and combustible material handling and safety incident response. Only qualified and trained safety personnel should attempt any experiment involving combustible materials. Jenike & Johanson … Continue reading

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