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Snowboarding vs. Skateboarding: Or a Tale of Two Friction Angles

I am excited that winter has arrived in New England. Last winter, my nephew taught me how to snowboard. I figured that I would be able to pick up the sport rather quickly. After all, I was an avid skateboarder … Continue reading

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The Value of Getting it Right the First Time

  Commonly, we are known as the bulk solids “problem solvers.” Believe me, we’re happy to have that reputation, but even better for us (and our clients), would be to prevent problems in the first place. Many times every year, … Continue reading

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Death of a Bulk Solids Pioneer

  I just learned that Abraham Goldberg was killed in Jerusalem last month. The BBC news item link below gives details: Abraham initiated conferences on silos, bulk solids and pneumatic conveying in the UK, Chicago and elsewhere in the … Continue reading

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